Plymouth's committed and legendary nightlife photography










Smileonthetiles is an inspiring and legendary night-life photography presence that has captured Plymouth’s smiling faces and events since 2005.

With over 2 million photos from so many venues, these past and present clubs and bars have given host to the smiles which our 12 photographers capture every weekend all over the place in Plymouth’s five vibrant clubland areas. With our In-House along with our favourite roaming photographers, any reveller is highly likely to bump into a SOTT photographer on the dance floor, by the bar or even on the street whilst you move between clubs.

In addition with all the photos being uploaded here onto this website, you can even have a print of your photos made on-site into a keyring too for you to take home. Every week we also publish a dozen or so photos in Plymouth's local press ‘The Herald’. If you are posing loads, lookin’ dappa and take a great photo, with smiles and laughter, you could be in print in a Friday publication - take a look in the What’s on section. Thanks for looking, and keep those smiles and poses coming.

We refuse to take images of anybody under the age of 18

If you are under the age of 18, we request that you DO NOT have your photo taken by our photographers! Please read all terms and conditions before using this website.